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Capacity Training for MOH on Data Analysis and Interpretation

Handling large amounts of data in Excel can present challenges such as slow data loading, human errors, difficulty in troubleshooting, and possible crashes. In addition, data use and information sharing across programs and district health management teams are very minimal. Paired with personnel inexperienced in data analysis software, data interpretation, and scientific writing, training was urgently needed to curtail possible mishaps.  

University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) provided a series of scientific writing and data analysis workshops to 46 personnel from the MOH headquarters and districts and BUMMHI. The training involved short lectures and hands-on data analysis exercises using statistical software (STATA), basic and advanced data analytics techniques, and data interpretations was covered. Participants were trained on fundamental principles of epidemiology, biostatistics, scientific abstract preparations, and manuscripts. Long term mentorship plan was developed, and an additional 10 participants from Botswana National AIDS and Promotion Agency (NAHPA) received one-time week-long training on the analysis of survey data to promote manuscript development from the 5th Botswana AIDS and Impact Survey.

Several abstracts were featured at international conferences such as the International AIDS Society (IAS) and International Pediatric HIV Symposium in Africa (IPHASA). Below is a few examples of abstracts that were presented as posters at these conferences

  1. Patrick Tema, Obuile Makwati, Boshelo Kaisara et al. ‘Early infant diagnosis uptake among HIV-exposed infants in Botswana, 2017–2021’ IPHASA 2021.
  2. Fane KF, Molefi T, Nkomo B et al. Impact of COVID-19 on TB Case Findings and TB/HIV Co-infection Rates at a Princess Marina Hospital, Gaborone, Botswana, during the first year of COVID-19. AIDS 2022.
  3. Montebatsi et al. Programmatic Measures Leading to Viral Load Coverage Improvement After Decreasing Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.AIDS 2022.

UMB continues to provide technical assistance in developing concept notes and abstracts for manuscripts.




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