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Monitoring & Evaluation

Increasing Access to Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Training   

A skilled workforce is critical to monitor and guiding the HIV response and program improvements. A deep understanding of programmatic data, including national and global indicators, and the ability to assess data quality, as well as meaningful interpretation of the results, are important skills to acquire for a data-driven approach. However, access to high-quality, job-relevant, and timely training remains challenging due to several barriers, including human and financial resources.    

UMB prepared interactive and online Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) training modules to support the reporting and use of program data. Through this training, participants can learn more about PEPFAR and national indicators, data quality assurance, and program-specific M&E processes. The training module features video presentations, knowledge checks, and program resources. Participants receive a certificate upon successfully completing the training with a cumulative quiz score of 80% or above.  

Online training reduces equitable barriers, such as cost and travel distance, associated with in-person participation.  In Zambia and Botswana, 2 PEPFAR implementing partners have adopted the course as part of their required training for clinical and M&E staff, with personnel successfully completing the training. In Botswana, the Ministry of Health has adopted this online training for personnel to increase access to quality continuing education for employees.  The positive feedback from participants increasing their knowledge capacity moves us closer to our shared goal of ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.




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