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Baylor College of Medicine Children's Foundation, Tanzania

Fellowship Site Directors: Dr. Lumumba Mwita  

Site Contact:     
Bridgette Naik, 
Maral Gurbanova,   


Site Specialties:  

  • HIV  
  • TB  
  • Cancer  

Site Description:  

Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation – Tanzania (Baylor Foundation Tanzania) is a patient-centered, pediatric HIV prevention and treatment program with the goal of contributing the reduction of HIV/AIDS-related morbidity and mortality among infants, children and adolescents in Tanzania. In addition, Baylor Foundation Tanzania provides comprehensive care and treatment for pediatric tuberculosis, malnutrition, cancer, and other complicated or chronic pediatric conditions. They provide direct service delivery and clinical attachment training at the two Centers of Excellence in Mbeya and Mwanza, as well as health professional training and mentorship provided at outreach facilities in the Lake and Southern Highlands Zones.  

Baylor Foundation Tanzania staff currently work in regional and district hospitals and other health facilities of lower levels to develop relationships with partner organizations and health professionals at all levels to enhance care to children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The team devotes significant time and effort to building capacity for pediatric health services by mentoring and training health care professionals.  

Baylor Tanzania also has a long-standing partnership and clinical research working relationship with the National Institute for Health-Mbeya Medical Research Centre (NIMR-MMRC) program in Mbeya, Tanzania.  NIMR-MMRC is a state-of-the-art, internationally recognized research program with extensive laboratory capabilities and experienced researchers.  Baylor Tanzania has partnered together with NIMR-MMRC on multiple research projects and has formed a robust collaborative relationship with the NIMR-MMRC team. 




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