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Gustavo Hernandez Cordova

Dr. Hernandez Cordova will spend his fellowship year at Cayetano Heredia University in Lima under the mentorship of Emily Levitan, PhD and Mirko Zimic, PhD. His research will focus on imaging of Covid -19 sequelae in Peru that was among the worst-hit countries in the world during pandemics. His main areas of interest are imaging of infectious diseases and implementation science.
Dr. Hernandez Cordova studied medicine in Peru. He has had the chance to receive courses in institutions of United States (JHU, WUSTL) and leading centers in South America with NIH support. He plans to use the newest tools available in imaging to add to the knowledge of prevalent infectious respiratory diseases and neglected tropical diseases in low-and-middle income countries. He has previous experience working in TB, Pneumonia, Echino-coccosis and deep mycoses. The focus of his masters degree was clinical and translational research at the University of South Florida.

Title: "Past COVID-19 Point of care Assessment using Sonography versus Tomography during COVID-19 recovery: Cross sectional evaluation of concordance of lung findings and sequelae in Lima Peru"

Training site: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Mentors: Emily Levitan PhD; Mirko Zimic PhD




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