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Momentum Builds as Community Mobilizers Hit the Streets

ZAMPHIA 2020 survey staff will soon begin work in assessing the prevalence and incidence of HIV in Zambia by conducting household interviews. However, before the interview process begins, the community must be made aware of the survey, what is involved, and how the information will be used. With the community prepared and aware in this way, the survey staff can be more effective at their job and facilitate greater participation.

Getting the population ready for ZAMPHIA 2020 is the responsibility of community mobilizers, a specially trained cadre of outreach specialists who go door to door to spread the word, distribute posters and brochures, talk to residents, and organize events. The community mobilizers are vital to the effectiveness of the survey, helping to assuage concerns and answering questions that might be raised prior to the full deployment of the survey.

With the ZAMPHIA 2020 launch date rapidly approaching (February 18), the community mobilization team is fully trained and ready. They have been warming up for their work by acquiring more hands-on experience through pilot testing. 

Paxina Hankanga, a broadcaster with the Zambia National Broadcasting Services, is a member of the ZAMPHIA 2020 community mobilization team. In the video below she describes the status of the mobilization and the progress of the pilot test.


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